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About Us

Stone Carver Designs is a small studio specializing in the cutting, carving, shaping and engraving of Natural Stone.  We use a variety of techniques to work the stone.  Diamond saws and grinders, air chisels and sandblasting all figure into the mix.  SCD was founded in 1993, under the name Stone Tablets, by Greg Reed Brown, an artist/artisan who is very passionate about working stone.  The name was changed in 1999 to better represent the full scope of our products and services.  Greg is joined by his wife Pam, who helps out part-time with the many tasks involved with running a small business.

Our work includes
 One-of-a-Kind Pieces & Custom Work
 ranging in size from a small pebble
you can hold in your hand
to a massive, monolith stone
weighing several tons.
We work mostly in
 Limestone, Sandstone and Granite

We also have the capability to do

Onsite Work
for pieces that are already installed
or are too large to handle in our studio.

Greg by studio boulder
Pam on a day off
On site work in progress
Greg works on granite
Greg sandblasting lettering
Onsite job completed

(Click on Pictures for a larger view)

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